Make your guests feel safe even before they arrive at your hotel.


Give your guest a fast, easy, secure, and reliable way to e-checkin.


Provide exceptional safety to your guests and staff, creating a great image for your brand.

How does work

  • 1 Your guest is notified via email or through your website about the e-checkin service and is introduced on your page at
  • 2 The guest can complete the form in less than 5 minutes
  • 3 As soon as the request is sent, the guest receives an email that the process has been completed successfully (following your approval)
  • 4 If your guest makes a mistake, he may repeat the process easily!

Easy and friendly environment, even for the least familiar users.

Secure and reliable process. provides significant benefits!

  • Creates a sense of safety & trust in your guests
  • Reduces queues and delays in the reception area
  • Creates a positive image for your business long before your guest arrives at your hotel
  • Enhances your business dynamics through the use of technologically advanced services
  • Upon their arrival your guests feel pleasant and comfortable